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A heiliger, atende as necessidades de sua empresa com serviços de Consultoria, Desenvolvimento e Implementação, Suporte e Treinamento.

Our expertise on developing and integrating complex information systems, in addition to our knowledge on business and solution technologies make us the ideal partner for you.

Our team can help your company or your system integrators in implementations, so together we can make sure you have a robust solution.

If your company needs consultancy or guidance to expand or improve your systems, we’ll be happy to advise you!

Heiliger Tech


A heiliger, oferece serviços de consultoria para projetar, implementar e aconselhar.


Development and Implementation

A heiliger, acompanha seus clientes nos processos de transformação.



The systems and support team of your company cannot crash.



Our trainings are not only certifications– they are human capital formation.



Our solutions are going to help you to meet all your company’s goals and develop the utmost innovation in your systems.

Information Systems Interoperability

Getting the full view of a complex business process requires integration of information and processes. Service orientation is a means of integration between different systems. More

Internet of Things – IoT

The health systems are complex and fragmented. Carrying the citizens’ medical data allows the observation of the care line in their care pathway More


Health Solutions

Os sistemas de saúde são complexos e fragmentados, portar os dados clínicos dos cidadãos permite observar a linha de cuidado no seu percurso assistencial.  More

Customer Identity and Access Management Solution

With the growing demand for privacy and use of user-driven data, there is no better time to choose a customer identity and access management strategy.   More

Telecom Solutions

Telecommunication technologies went beyond simply exchanging messages and now it means paying bills, ordering food, ordering cabs, buying movie tickets, and even finding the location of your loved ones.  More

Financial Services Solutions

A free software integration platform that offers agility and digital transformation for financial services companies.  More

WSO2 integration agile platform

The WSO2 Integration Agile Platform is a broad framework to develop, reuse, run and manage integrations. It's architected around a common code base of fully open source integration technologies. Components can be used individually, or as a cohesive integration-agile platform.

The breadth of today's Integration projects is forcing Dev and Integration teams to acknowledge they need multiple technologies to develop, share, run and manage integrations for APIs, data, and event streams. Leveraging different point-products from multiple vendors creates untenable complexity. The WSO2 Integration Agile Platform forms the cohesive architecture needed to help simplify and unify complex integration initiatives. Combined with the WSO2 Architecture for Agility and Methodology for Agility, IT organizations will benefit from a complete set of guidelines that address people, processes and technology.